Radio Holsters

Our radio holsters are made from top quality leather and hardware, and each holster is made specifically for the radio brand and model you have. We have holsters to fit most portable radios in use today. In the event you have a radio that we do not have a custom pattern for, our universal holster will likely fit it. There are versions for radios with extended batteries, a limited or full menu, our “Quint” version where you can place your radio in the holster either with the front or back facing out, and our “Bucket” version where the radio is completely covered on all sides. You can choose between stainless steel, brass, or matte black cerakote d-rings  with other hardware to match. Other options are your choice of an embossed logo or engraved text, all giving you the ability get the radio holster you desire.

***We use Scovill Pull-the-DOT® snaps as fasteners on our leather products. It’s important that you fasten and unsnap these in the proper way. Use the dimple on the snap to know which side of the snap lifts off first and fastens last.***