Custom Shields and Plaques

Custom shields require a great deal more time to create. Things that factor into the cost of a custom shield or plaque are:

  • Artwork
  • Materials
  • Highly detailed painting
  • Laser engraving

Each order requires us to provide to you an estimated cost to produce. We will take a look at the details of your request and first decide if it is something that we can do, and have the time to do. If we feel that we cannot provide you with an outstanding product, we will not settle for anything less.  Thank you for your understanding.

Custom Shields

After looking over the pictures below, and you would like to submit a request for us to consider, click here to complete the Request for Quote form to send to us. We will review the request and be in touch as soon as possible.

Presentation Plaques

Presentation plaques have a standard or custom shield, beautifully mounted to the plaque using brass acorn nuts. The inscription tag is fastened using brass screws, and can have the text you desire on the tag. Text can be engraved directly onto the wooden plaque, as well. Click here to go to the Request for Quote Form.

Special Occaisons

These shields are used to celebrate or remember special occasions or some other memory or event. They can be used for retirements, weddings, memorials, and achievements. Click here to go to the Request for Quote Form.