• This radio strap is for our railroad friends. It is a brand new product which is intended for a new kind of customer for us. On an Amtrak train ride one day, the Conductor kept walking by carrying her radio. That’s when the idea came to mind. The “Bells and Whistles” radio strap was born.
  • The radio strap is available in the same 3 colors of leather that we offer to our emergency services colleagues. It has unique mic tabs and the engraved text on the stap is bordered with railroad tracks. Choices for color stitching, hardware finish, and embossed logos above and below the text make this strap the perfect way for our railroad folks to carry their portable radio. 
  • Below you will see an example of what we can do.  We have many holster patterns for most portable radios in use today.
  • Currently we are asking for some information on what you would like to have on your strap, such as logos, radio make and model for a holster, etc. This product is so new we don’t have many drawings created for things like logos yet. So, if you are interested in having a holster and strap made, please click on the caboose button below to send us an email with some information, and we will contact you.
  • And if you would like to see more of what we make for our emergency services customers, including all of the options for radio straps and the different radio holsters we make, click here!

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“Bells and Whistles” Production #0001

*(the video was taken prior to painting the strap)*
This strap shown here has the following:

  • Rich brown leather
  • Custom mic tabs
  • Custom engraving of text.
  • Hand painted text and logos
  • Black Cerakote hardware
  • Genuine stitching
  • Fitted and engraved holster for Motorola radio

BNSF Train specifically for helping our wildland firefighters. Thanks BNSF!